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Teachers Bags For Books Or Summer On The Beach!

This cute teachers bag for books features a cute whimsical fish who says exhuberantly, “School’s Out!
This funny teacher tote bag is great for last day of school and makes the perfect affordable gift for the teacher from the class. Works great for books and lesson plans…even laptops?…or for summer vacation days at the beach.


Cute Inspirational Motivational Buttons For Elementary Teachers

These cute inspirational buttons make terrific prizes for spelling bees or book reading contests. They’re also great for handing out to the entire class at the end of the year for a job well done. Every elementary school teacher or librarian should have a drawer full of these handy. Surprise the grade school teacher on your shopping list with a bunch of these on Christmas or her birthday.


Motivational Fitness T Shirt For Dad On Father’s Day

This motivational T shirt might be just the thing for Dad this Father’s Day. You love your dad (or your husband or your boyfriend), right? And you want him to be around a long time, right? One of the keys to a long and healthy life is exercise. Here’s the perfect gift for motivating him out the door and off to the fitness center! Perfect for anyone involved in working out for health or for fun. Also makes a great anytime gift for a cardiologist.
Cardio Fitness Exercise Workout T Shirt
Cardio Fitness Exercise Workout T Shirt by Swisstoons
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