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Funny Audition Shirt For Professional Singers

Funny Audition Shirt For Professional Singer Cute Professional Singer Audition Shirt
Funny Audition Shirt For Professional Singers couldn’t hurt your chances during your next tryout! Might even help to show the people you’re auditioning for that you’ve got a sense of humor! No matter the gig–rock, jazz, pop, opera or a Broadway musical comedy–this cute tshirt should serve to relieve the tension, break the ice and put smiles on the faces of the people you’re performing for. And that can’t be bad. Wide variety of both dark and light colors to choose from. Text on this Funny Audition Shirt For Professional Singers reads simply, “mi mi mi – it’s all about mi!”


Funny Coffee Buzz Shirt

You a coffee lady who can’t get moving in the morning before she gets her coffee buzz on?
Cute coffee lover ladies shirt features happy cartoon busy bee holding a big red mug full of java ready to conquer the world. There’s a matching purple phone case to go with it! Coffee Buzz Cute Funny Purple Bee Tee Shirt Cute Coffee Buzz iPhone5 Case iPhone 5 Covers


Funny Garliholic Garlic Lover Shirt

Funny Garliholic Garlic Lover Shirt is for lovers of the “stinking rose”! Do you love garlic? Yes, there’s the breath thing. But should that really prevent you from enjoying one of the best food flavors ever? Of course not. But let’s be fair; just because you love the stuff is no reason to subject everyone within noseshot to your garlic breath. Give ’em fair warning with this shirt! Who knows…you may even attract other lovers of the Stinking Rose!


Cute Funny Blueberry Shirt For Baby

Here’s a cute funny blueberry shirt especially for a baby whose tears can turn to laughter in an instant? This cartoon baby t-shirt features some berries whose mood might mirror those of the wearer. Baby is sure to appreciate all the smiles coming his or her way whenever he or she is wearing this funny cartoon tee. Perfect gift for a grandchild, a niece a nephew, a friend’s baby or your own. Lots of fun at baby showers, too!


Funny Christmas Stocking Stuffers – Men

Looking for funny Christmas stocking stuffers for the men in your life? Swisstoons has funny stocking stuffers for your husband, boyfriend, dad, son, grandfather, uncle, father in law, brother in law, or anyone else in your family, plus your boss and coworkers. They make great little inexpensive gifts for coworkers or your boss at your office Christmas party. Swisstoons has plenty more afforadable and FUNNY gifts, large and small, for everyone you know at his Zazzle store. Even if you’re not buying, today, be sure and stop by for a laugh. They’re free!

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