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Red Ants Mug For A Gardener

Red Ants Mug For A Gardener is designed for someone who loves to spend time nurturing her flowers and vegetables, but hates having to share her backyard hobby with these nasty little guys. At least the ones on this attractive funny mug won’t bite! Although intended for gardeners, wouldn’t this also be perfect for an exterminator? If you’re neither, and are simply looking for an interesting vessel for your favorite beverage, this Red Ants Mug should get a few double-takes from anyone who stops by to share a cup of morning java with you because at first glance, these stylized cartoon insects look like the real thing! Take it to the office and see how coworkers wag their fingers at your Red Ants Mug For A Gardener with a look of alarm on their respective faces. If you’re looking for fun gardening gifts, look no further! Red Ants Mug


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