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Funny Old Guy T Shirt

Funny Old Guy T Shirt
Funny Old Guy T Shirt is especially for a man turning 50, but any milestone birthday will do! It says, in large red letters, YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN! Perfect for an old codger or geezer of ANY age, especially one who keeps a neatly manicured lawn, is very territorial about it and hates it when people tramp across his greenery! Of course, no lawn is required for this novelty birthday present to garner a few laughs at the party. Have the guest of honor put this Funny Old Guy T Shirt on before he blows out the many candles on his cake to get some great photos!


Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer

Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer
Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer is perfect for someone celebrating 50 years on the planet; the BIG FIVE O! But you can Easily change the number to accommodate someone turning 60, 70--even 40 or 30. Being an oldtimer is more a frame of mind than an actual age. It says, "it's OFFICIAL! I'm a GEEZER!" with the age of the guest of honor in large numbers. Simply enter his or her age in the slot provided on the product page. Make sure he or she (there's one for women, too) unwraps this Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer first so it will appear in all those candid snapshot which will go into his or her bday scrapbook.


Old Rockers Funny Shirts

Old Rockers Funny Shirts funny-shirts-for-old-rockers
Rock and DROOL, say these Old Rockers Funny Shirts for aging music buffs who still love to crank up classic sounds from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s! Especially apt if he or she loves to get up and DANCE, these tees are perfect for a mom or dad with a stack of old LPs and singles from the fifties, sixties and seventies. You know the kind; parents who like to think they are still young and hip. Great on Fathers Day or Mothers Day for a Dad, Mom, Grandfather or Grandmother who dug the Stones or Ozzie Osborne or Def Leppard or KISS or any of hundreds of other classic rock bands from the past. These aging rock-n-rollers may be perfect candidates for one of these Old Rockers Funny Shirts


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