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Cute Animal Party Invitations by Lucia Salemi

Cute Animal Party Invitations by Lucia Salemi happy colorful cute pop cats kids party personalized invites
Find loads of colorful cute animal party invitations for kids from Italian humorous illustrator Lucia Salemi at her Zazzle shop. Many of these lively humorously illustrated invites are customizable waiting for you to add your son's or daughter's photo! Lucia's unique, brightly colorful, cheerful illustrations will bring a smile to the faces of adults as well as children. Look for cartoon cats and dogs, of course, but also lions, butterflies, bats, cows and more! Add your child's photograph to make it extra special! it's a party personalized invitation happy colorful pop cats It's a party! Announcement


Funny Pizza Neck Tie

Funny Pizza Neck Tie
Funny Pizza Neck Tie is the perfect accessory for pizzeria delivery men or anyone who loves ordering this popular italian treat at restaurants. Is that a little tomato sauce on your necktie? Hey, it's a whole lotta sauce on your tie! Heading out to your favorite Italian restaurant tonight with your husband or boyfriend? Make sure he's wearing this funny fashion accessory and no one will notice when he slops a little down his front! Cute gift for any Italian guy who loves his Italian cuisine! If you own a pizzeria, get a novelty Funny Pizza Neck Tie for each of your delivery men and maybe even the guys in the back making pies!


Funny Pizza Apron For Italian-Americans

Funny Pizza Apron For Italian-Americans
Funny Pizza Apron For Italian-Americans features a hot pie asking in an "authentic" accent, "U wanna PIZZA me?" Whether you work in a pizzeria, or just like to make 'em and bake 'em in your own oven at home, here's what you need! Whether you whip up your cheesy tomatoey treat from scratch, or just take one out of a box, here's what you wanna be wearing when you take it piping hot out of the oven and serve it up to customers or family. Funny Pizza Apron For Italian-Americans is a must for every kitchen...or cucina! Buon appetito! It comes in three colors, white, khaki or yellow and in three sizes, standard, long or childrens for little kitchen helpers.


Funny Italian Food Apron With Recipe

Funny Italian Food Apron With Recipe
Funny Italian Food Apron featuring an "authentic" recipe on the front, complete with ACCENT, is perfect for a Mama or Grandma who loves to cook AND laugh! Whether she's making lasagna, spaghetti, fusilli, ravioli, fettuccine, vermicelli, ziti, cannelloni, mostaccioli, penne, rigatoni, rotini, even pizza...if it comes with tomato sauce, she'll want to be wearing this when she prepares it! Text reads: "Favorite Italian Recipe: A littla bitsa garlic...Soma oliva oil...Soma tomate...A pincha 'regano...Soma cheese...Whateva U want!" Funny Italian Food Apron is perfect for Papa, too! If someone in your family is from the old country, you need one of these hanging in your cucina!


Personalized Customizable Italian iPad Case

Easily customizable personalized Italian iPad cases featuring Italian flag colors of green, white and red, make excellent gifts for your favorite Italian woman or man this Christmas or on any other occasion such as a birthday or graduation. Which country do you think has the most beautiful flag? Which countries’ glags would you like to see on an iPod or iPhone case?
Personalized Designer Italian Man's iPad speckcaseItalian Man's Customizable Designer iPad speckcase

Designer Italian Woman's iPad speckcaseDesigner Italian Woman's iPad speckcase


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