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Funny Senior Citizen Hat for Someone with Grey Hair

Funny Senior Citizen Hat for Someone with Grey Hair lets you poke a little fun at the guest of honor at the next Milestone birthday party you attend. Novelty cap features a cartoon gray rabbit and the punchline, “Everyone finds a grey hare on their head sooner or later!” Live long enough and you’re sure to get a few–hairs, not bunnies! Did you know that grey hair isn’t actually the color you think. It merely looks that way because some of the strands have turned transparent by losing melanin which is normally produced by cells in the hair follicles called melanocytes. Although some health problems can cause melanocytes to stop producing pigment, it is also a normal part of aging. Didja know that after age 30, your chances of going gray increase by 10-20% every decade?

Have you “gone grey?” Is the special lady in your life a silver fox? This funny senior citizen hat makes a great gag gift on a birthday for a wife or girlfriend who’s noticed a few strands of silver. By changing the font color from pink to blue, it’s easily converted to a gift for a husband or boyfriend who’s in the same boat. It even makes a neat joke gift at a retirement party for the guest of honor! Funny Senior Citizen Hat for Someone with Grey Hair


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