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Scottish Fold Humorous Gifts

Scottish Fold Humorous Gifts and greeting cards are sure to appeal to fans of that irresistible breed. I’d never heard of Scottish Fold cats til I met up with Bubba. Say hello to Bubba, the handsomest, or maybe the cutest, and the funniest member of the breed you’d ever hope to meet. For years, Bubba’s good friend Cindy has been dressing him up in a variety of costumes to help fellow cats and cat lovers celebrate birthdays, Christmas, St Patty’s Day and every other occasion you can think of. Bubba is known for his sly sense of feline humor as you’ll see when you visit Cindys shop which is loaded with a variety of appealing product featuring Bubba The Scottish Fold cat and his fourlegged friends. Scottish Fold Humorous Gifts Scottish Fold Cat Named Bubba


Teachers Bags For Books Or Summer On The Beach!

This cute teachers bag for books features a cute whimsical fish who says exhuberantly, “School’s Out!
This funny teacher tote bag is great for last day of school and makes the perfect affordable gift for the teacher from the class. Works great for books and lesson plans…even laptops?…or for summer vacation days at the beach.


Humorous Bachelorette Party Beer Stein Mugs

Humorous bachelorette party beer stein features a red heart with devil’s horns and a spiked tail and the text, “Naughty but Nice.” That pretty much sums you up, doesn’t it? Perfect for bachelorette parties or sorority parties…or just generally having a good time! Also works perfectly as a gift for a girlfriend or wife on her birthday or your anniversary!
Humorous Bachelorette Party Beer Stein mug


Cute Funny Whimsical Funomenal Goldfish Baby T-Shirt

This cute funny whimsical baby goldfish T-shirt is for cute fun and funny funomenal Babies! Is your baby a FUNOMENON. This funny baby onesie tee features a little goldfish who chooses to swim upside-down! She’s FUNOMENAL! This shirt is for little babies who never fail to bring a smile to peoples’ face. Maybe it’s your granddaughter…maybe it’s your niece, maybe it’s your god child, maybe it’s your best friend’s new baby. Or maybe it’s your own little one! This makes a sweet baby shower gift!
Cute Funny Funomenal Baby Goldfish Gift T-Shirt


Motivational Fitness T Shirt For Dad On Father’s Day

This motivational T shirt might be just the thing for Dad this Father’s Day. You love your dad (or your husband or your boyfriend), right? And you want him to be around a long time, right? One of the keys to a long and healthy life is exercise. Here’s the perfect gift for motivating him out the door and off to the fitness center! Perfect for anyone involved in working out for health or for fun. Also makes a great anytime gift for a cardiologist.
Cardio Fitness Exercise Workout T Shirt
Cardio Fitness Exercise Workout T Shirt by Swisstoons
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Funny Christmas Stocking Stuffers – Men

Looking for funny Christmas stocking stuffers for the men in your life? Swisstoons has funny stocking stuffers for your husband, boyfriend, dad, son, grandfather, uncle, father in law, brother in law, or anyone else in your family, plus your boss and coworkers. They make great little inexpensive gifts for coworkers or your boss at your office Christmas party. Swisstoons has plenty more afforadable and FUNNY gifts, large and small, for everyone you know at his Zazzle store. Even if you’re not buying, today, be sure and stop by for a laugh. They’re free!

Goofy Funny Gift Magnet For Your Favorite Fun Guy! magnetFunny Cartoon Squirrel Magnet magnetCute Funny Wine Lovers Cartoon Fridge Magnet magnetFunny Laftovers French Chef Cartoon Fridge Magnet magnetFunny Distinguished Flower Cartoon Fridge magnetFunny Wine Button buttonFunny Goofy Mushroom FUN GUY Hat 4 Dad Or Husband hatFunny Men's Sex on the Brain Cap hatFunny Sexy Boobs Cap hatFunny Fun Guy Boyfriend Gift T-Shirt shirtFitness Cartoon Strongheart Button buttonCardio Fitness Exercise T Shirt shirt


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