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Funny Mustache Kitchen Towel

Got a mustache or know someone who does? Love to garden or know a gardener? Funny mustache kitchen towel for a gardener featuring a suave and debonair FLOWER with a caterpillar over his upper lip, should put a smile on everyone’s face when it’s opened whether it’s at Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or a birthday. Makes a cute present for anyone, but especially someone with a special connection to flowers–a backyard gardening hobbyist, a florist or simply someone who enjoys the sight and scent of fresh flowers–or anyone with a mustache or who lives with such a person. The National Gardening Association reports that there are 90 million households in the US with a garden in the yard. So, chance are very good that you know a gardening hobbyist. And next time you’re out and about, notice how many men are sporting facial hair. Think Funny Mustache Kitchen Towel like this one would bring a smile to their faces? You bet!


Funny Apron For Mom With A Tulip Garden

Funny apron for mom with a tulip garden features a sassy little yellow tulip mouthing off to mother. Talk about fresh flowers! Cute cartoon spotlighting the parent-child relationship is bound to put a smile on your Mother’s face. Does it sound familiar? Do you recognize anybody? I bet your Mom will. If she’s a gardener, and especially if her favorite bloom is tulips, so much the better! This funny apron for Mom is suitable for wearing in both the kitchen and the garden. Funny Apron For Mom With A Tulip Garden


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