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Funny Old Guy T Shirt

Funny Old Guy T Shirt
Funny Old Guy T Shirt is especially for a man turning 50, but any milestone birthday will do! It says, in large red letters, YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN! Perfect for an old codger or geezer of ANY age, especially one who keeps a neatly manicured lawn, is very territorial about it and hates it when people tramp across his greenery! Of course, no lawn is required for this novelty birthday present to garner a few laughs at the party. Have the guest of honor put this Funny Old Guy T Shirt on before he blows out the many candles on his cake to get some great photos!


Cute and Funny Caterpillar Love Christmas Ornament

Does your girlfriend or boyfriend have a sense of humor? She or he should get a kick out of this cute and funny cartoon Christmas tree ornament featuring a caterpillar sweet talking his girl.
Funny Customized Caterpillar Love Xmas Tree Ornaments
Funny Customized Caterpillar Love Xmas Tree Ornaments by Swisstoons
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Cute Funny Blueberry Shirt For Baby

Here’s a cute funny blueberry shirt especially for a baby whose tears can turn to laughter in an instant? This cartoon baby t-shirt features some berries whose mood might mirror those of the wearer. Baby is sure to appreciate all the smiles coming his or her way whenever he or she is wearing this funny cartoon tee. Perfect gift for a grandchild, a niece a nephew, a friend’s baby or your own. Lots of fun at baby showers, too!


Cute Inspirational Motivational Buttons For Elementary Teachers

These cute inspirational buttons make terrific prizes for spelling bees or book reading contests. They’re also great for handing out to the entire class at the end of the year for a job well done. Every elementary school teacher or librarian should have a drawer full of these handy. Surprise the grade school teacher on your shopping list with a bunch of these on Christmas or her birthday.


Funny Elopement Announcements For An Inexpensive Wedding

Save money on your wedding with these funny offbeat elopement announcement cards! In this tight economy, maybe the big expensive wedding you’d like is not quite within reach. But love will find a way! Save a little coin by doing it with a justice of the peace….and then inviting your friends and family over after the fact. You can easily CUSTOMIZE this card to to include such an invitation on the back. For example: “You are cordially invited to attend an informal gathering at ‘OUR” House to help us celebrate!”


Cute Funny Figure Pairs Skating Cartoon Skater’s Tote Bag

This reusable figure skater’s canvas grocery tote bag featuring a funny cartoon by Swiss depicting pears skating, is avery funny way to carry figure skates to the rink….or a groceries home from the supermarket. Makes a great GIFT for a teen skater…or for the eco-conscious mother of the aspiring figureskater. Great gift for anyone involved in figure skating.
Funny Pears Skating Figure Skater'sTotebag bag


Cute Funny Whimsical Funomenal Goldfish Baby T-Shirt

This cute funny whimsical baby goldfish T-shirt is for cute fun and funny funomenal Babies! Is your baby a FUNOMENON. This funny baby onesie tee features a little goldfish who chooses to swim upside-down! She’s FUNOMENAL! This shirt is for little babies who never fail to bring a smile to peoples’ face. Maybe it’s your granddaughter…maybe it’s your niece, maybe it’s your god child, maybe it’s your best friend’s new baby. Or maybe it’s your own little one! This makes a sweet baby shower gift!
Cute Funny Funomenal Baby Goldfish Gift T-Shirt


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