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Funny Faith Healing Tshirt for Athiests

Funny Faith Healing Tshirt for Athiests
Funny Faith Healing Tshirt for Athiests and Agnostics features a cartoon depicting a happy ham leaving Lourdes, the city in France which is associated with the practice of curing incurable ailments of devout believers by means of prayers and a sincere belief in God's ability to effect miraculous cures. The ham is happily proclaiming that he is CURED. The appeal of this shirt is not limited to unbelievers, however. This funny faith healing tshirt for Athiests may also appeal to anyone who loves ham, especially anyone who prepares this popular meat, such as a cook or a professional chef. A butcher or anyone working in the meat department of a supermarket might also be likely recipients for this humorous tee.



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