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New Mommy Hat with Baby’s Name

New Mommy Hat with Baby's Name
Custom New Mommy Hat with Baby's Name and pink hearts lets you personalize this little gift for the lady who's just given birth as soon as the child's name is chosen. Simply add little one's name in the slot provided on the product page. If a girl, choose pink text. Imagine her wearing this cute cap as she exits the hospital with the little one in her arms. Be sure and take some photographs for the baby book as this keepsake New Mommy Hat with Pink Hearts and Baby's Name will mean something to him or her when he or she's all grown up and expecting a child of his or her own.


Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit

Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit by Bits of Whimsy features the cutest little red cartoon crab you've ever seen. This is the perfect creeper for an infant who can be very fussy sometimes--which would include just about all of them, wouldn't it? This is the onesie you should dress him in when he's having "one of those days," especially if you have to take him somewhere like a restaurant or department store. Ever notice people shooting you a dirty look when your little kid acts up in public? If he's wearing this Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit it may help to defuse the situation. Just point to his funny romper, shrug your shoulders and say, "I'm really sorry." Chances are you'll get a smile in return instead of a dirty look!


Vegan Baby T shirt

Vegan Baby T shirt
Clever Vegan Baby T shirt spells out, using bright colorful vegetables in place of some letters, that infant wearer is 100% Vegan! Specifically, red ripe tomatoes replace the zeros and stylized bright orange carrots replace the V and the A! Same veggies design appears on a variety of other products for both children and adults back at my Zazzle shop. Take a look! Know a mother-to-be who plans on raising her new bundle of joy as a one hundred percent vegetarian whether for health reasons or philosophical ones? Wouldn't this Vegan Baby T shirt make a great shower present? How about your own little one?


Funny Horse Travel Mug Kicks Up Dust

Funny Horse Travel Mug Kicks Up Dust
Funny Horse Travel Mug features a goofy galloping white stallion singing a tune familiar to Lone Ranger fans, kicking up little clouds of dust as he goes. On the reverse side is the simple exclamation, HIYO! If you're shopping for a horseman or horsewoman or any who loves and admires this magnificent animal, this funny horse travel mug should be a hit, especially if that person spends a lot of time on the road kicking up little clouds of dust or his or her own. Perfect for owners of the storied muscle car, the Ford Mustang, of course. But also great for RVers and retirees who love to get up and go!


Funny 1st Birthday Shirt for a Boy

Funny 1st Birthday Shirt for a Boy
Funny 1st Birthday Shirt for a Boy says, "I am 1...Cool Dude." Large numeral ONE in blue dominates the front of this tee with the funny punchline below. Grandparents and other adults attending your one-year-old son's first natal celebration will get a kick out of this cute tee when he wears it while blowing out that single candle on his big cake, so make sure it's unwrapped before refreshments are served. It'll make a cute pic for his baby book. You can easily add his name in the slot provided on the product page to personalize, if desired. Find a similar outfit in pink for girls at Swisstoons at Zazzle. Wouldn't your grandson look cute in this Funny 1st Birthday Shirt for a Boy?


Funny Veggies Cutting Board

Funny Veggies Cutting Board guarantees you’ll never again mix up your vegetables board with the one you use for meat! Cute design will amuse kitchen helpers, too! Food-borne bacteria seemingly become a greater danger with each passing year. This cute veggies chopping board with a humorous design lets you quickly and easily distinguish between the surface you use for slicing or dicing potentially hazardous ingredients like uncooked chicken or beef, and safer fresh veggies. And if you have a helper as you prepare your meal, you can serve up a smile or a chuckle even before the two of you sit down to dinner! This cute funny Vegetables Cutting Board makes a delightful gift for your favorite cook or chef! Funny Veggies Cutting Board


Humorous Teacher Book Bag

Humorous Teacher Book Bag features a cute little stick figure with her name scrawled beneath. Figure is the type kids have been drawing on blackboards for ages whenever teacher’s out of the room. Easily personalize by entering her name in the slot provided on the product page.

Some folks think elementary school teachers have it easy, working 7-hour days only 9 months a year. But how much additional time do they typically put in after class? A study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation found that teachers on average spend 10 hours and 40 minutes a day working, including about an hour and a half after-class time at school (mentoring, collaborating with peers, attending staff meeting, etc) and another hour and a half at home grading papers and planning classroom activities. That comes to a hefty 53-hour work week!

Is your work week above or below the average? How much work do you lug home each night? Wouldn’t a large tote come in handy? Roomy bag makes a great teacher gift for each member of the faculty at Christmas, on Appreciation Day or on the last day of the school year, and they’re cheaper when purchased in bulk. Extra sturdy Humorous Teacher Book Bag you see here is for extra hardworking souls who take home tons of books night after night. Bag comes in a variety of different colors and sizes. Just enter faculty member’s in the slot provided. Look for special deals for teachers (using checkout codes) right on the product page!

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