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Funny Limburger Cheese Apron

Funny Limburger Cheese Apron
Funny Limburger Cheese Apron is for the connoisseuer who loves the pungent aroma of that European delicacy which originated in the 19th Century Duchy of Limburg--which occupied the area where the modern countries of Belgium, Germany and Netherlands meet. Who loves Limburger cheese? As smelly as it is, it's got lots of fans, myself included! Can't beat if spread on crusty bread or toast with a glass of wine as depicted in this cartoon! This funny Limburger Cheese Apron is for the person you know who can't get enough of this delectible treat for adventuresome palates...and noses!


Funny Cheese Lover Apron

Funny Cheese Lover Apron
Funny Cheese Lover Apron features a couple of favorites, Jack and Gouda, in a funny situation. Know someone who could happily survive on little else but a rustic meal of crusty bread, a chunk of cheddar, Swiss, Jack, Muenster or Gouda and a glass of wine? Or how about someone who prepares lots of creamy cooked dishes like Mac n Cheese, Veal Parmesan, Noodles Romanoff, Fondue? Here's the perfect gift for that person: a humorous apron featuring a hilarious cartoon all about his or her favorite food. Funny Cheese Lover Apron comes in three colors, white, khaki and yellow and three sizes, standard, long and kids.


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