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Funny Mustache Kitchen Towel

Got a mustache or know someone who does? Love to garden or know a gardener? Funny mustache kitchen towel for a gardener featuring a suave and debonair FLOWER with a caterpillar over his upper lip, should put a smile on everyone’s face when it’s opened whether it’s at Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or a birthday. Makes a cute present for anyone, but especially someone with a special connection to flowers–a backyard gardening hobbyist, a florist or simply someone who enjoys the sight and scent of fresh flowers–or anyone with a mustache or who lives with such a person. The National Gardening Association reports that there are 90 million households in the US with a garden in the yard. So, chance are very good that you know a gardening hobbyist. And next time you’re out and about, notice how many men are sporting facial hair. Think Funny Mustache Kitchen Towel like this one would bring a smile to their faces? You bet!


Cute and Funny Caterpillar Love Christmas Ornament

Does your girlfriend or boyfriend have a sense of humor? She or he should get a kick out of this cute and funny cartoon Christmas tree ornament featuring a caterpillar sweet talking his girl.
Funny Customized Caterpillar Love Xmas Tree Ornaments
Funny Customized Caterpillar Love Xmas Tree Ornaments by Swisstoons
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