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Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date

Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date
Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date features a cartoon bride and groom who invite the recipient to guess who's makin' it LEGAL! Humorous wedding announcement greeting card is perfect when both are attorneys, but also when either she or he, alone, is in the legal profession. Whether you're an attorney, judge, paralegal, even a law student or legal secretary; whether you're a current or former member of the profession or aspire to be one, here's the Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date invite you've been looking for, especially if the two of you have been living together for some time! Family and friends are sure to get a kick out of the fact that you are finally making it LEGAL!


Funny Elopement Announcements For An Inexpensive Wedding

Save money on your wedding with these funny offbeat elopement announcement cards! In this tight economy, maybe the big expensive wedding you’d like is not quite within reach. But love will find a way! Save a little coin by doing it with a justice of the peace….and then inviting your friends and family over after the fact. You can easily CUSTOMIZE this card to to include such an invitation on the back. For example: “You are cordially invited to attend an informal gathering at ‘OUR” House to help us celebrate!”


Funny Save The Date Magnets UK Style

These Funny Save The Date magnets UK Style must have special appeal for UK Brides to be. They certainly order enough of them! Same goes for Aussie and Irish brides. Though created by an American cartoonist, these unique offbeat and funny save the date magnets, UK style, apparently struck even more of a chord among other English-speaking young wedding planners than their American counterparts because the ratio of sales is about 4 to 1. In any case, this humorous keepsake save-the-date magnet should put a smile on your invitees faces as they ponder what the eager, but slightly bewildered, goofy bride and groom are referring to when they announce they are “DOIN’ it!” on the date shown. Simply enter your information using the template provided on the product page, double check to ensure proper positioning of text, and place your order. Best wishes to you! Yes, these funny save the date magnets UK style, are an offbeat funny fun way to go and announce your wedding plans to the world just like so many British brides have been doing, with a wink and a smile!


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