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Funny Elopement Announcements For An Inexpensive Wedding

Save money on your wedding with these funny offbeat elopement announcement cards! In this tight economy, maybe the big expensive wedding you’d like is not quite within reach. But love will find a way! Save a little coin by doing it with a justice of the peace….and then inviting your friends and family over after the fact. You can easily CUSTOMIZE this card to to include such an invitation on the back. For example: “You are cordially invited to attend an informal gathering at ‘OUR” House to help us celebrate!”


Funny Moving Announcements Cartoon Horse Theme

These Funny Moving Announcements with a cartoon horse theme feature a cute white stallion humming a familiar refrain like Silver as he gallops across the card raising clouds of dust. Text on front announces, “We’re on the MOVE! On back: “…to our NEW PLACE at: ” with a space for your address, phone and a note. Horse-themed change-of-address postcard may have special appeal to folks who are interested in, or spend time around, horses. Might be a natural choice for movers in states that make up the American Southwest–Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada–or even in the bluegrass state of Kentucky. If you’re a cowboy or cowgirl at heart, you’ll want to corral a few dozen of Funny Moving Announcements to

send to your family and friends to let them know where you’re trotting off to! Funny Moving Announcements Horse Theme


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