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Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card

Funny Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card is designed for someone to give to his or her significant other when alcohol will be part of the commemoration whether that someone is a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s designed for anyone to give to anyone on any special anniversary on when alcohol will be drunk whether it’s the day you were married or the day you first met, even it that day was just last week! A bottle of, perhaps, Champagne is pictured on a nightstand along with two glasses next to a plush bed. If you’re after a slightly suggestive humorous card to commemorate the day you two first became a couple, this Funny Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card could be just the ticket! You can even modify the text on the product page to transform it into a birthday card, if you wish, simply by clicking the Customize button.<br/) Champagne


Happy Hour Martini Designer iPhone Case

This designer martini iPhone case lets you head out to Happy Hour in style! Take your favorite beverage with you wherever you go. Time to celebrate! Cool case is the perfect gift for a bartender or member of the wait staff!Martini iPhone Case For Happy Hour speckcase


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