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Tulip Cartoon Mug for Mom From Daughter

Tulip Cartoon Mug for Mom From Daughter
Funny Tulips Mug for Mom Two-Tone Mug by Swisstoons Funny Tulip Cartoon Mug for Mom From Daughter will save you a lot of time if you often have trouble shopping for gifts for your parents. If your mother loves flowers, especially yellow tulips--growing them, smelling them or arranging them in a vase--she's going to love this fun coffee mug especially for her featuring cartoon tulips, a big one and a sassy little one. The scene might look familiar. The little one complains, "Mother, I am almost four days old! Stop treating me like a BULB!" No matter how old you are, it might bring back memories and laughter for you both when you present it to your mom on Mothers Day, Christmas, her birthday or any other time you want to make her smile. Easily add your own message on the back using the slot provided on the product page to complete this personalized gift for Mom. She's sure to enjoy showing off this funny tulip cartoon mug for Mom from her daughter to anyone who stops by her kitchen for a cup of coffee.


Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card

Funny Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card is designed for someone to give to his or her significant other when alcohol will be part of the commemoration whether that someone is a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s designed for anyone to give to anyone on any special anniversary on when alcohol will be drunk whether it’s the day you were married or the day you first met, even it that day was just last week! A bottle of, perhaps, Champagne is pictured on a nightstand along with two glasses next to a plush bed. If you’re after a slightly suggestive humorous card to commemorate the day you two first became a couple, this Funny Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card could be just the ticket! You can even modify the text on the product page to transform it into a birthday card, if you wish, simply by clicking the Customize button.<br/) Champagne


New Mommy Hat with Baby’s Name

New Mommy Hat with Baby's Name
Custom New Mommy Hat with Baby's Name and pink hearts lets you personalize this little gift for the lady who's just given birth as soon as the child's name is chosen. Simply add little one's name in the slot provided on the product page. If a girl, choose pink text. Imagine her wearing this cute cap as she exits the hospital with the little one in her arms. Be sure and take some photographs for the baby book as this keepsake New Mommy Hat with Pink Hearts and Baby's Name will mean something to him or her when he or she's all grown up and expecting a child of his or her own.


Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit

Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit by Bits of Whimsy features the cutest little red cartoon crab you've ever seen. This is the perfect creeper for an infant who can be very fussy sometimes--which would include just about all of them, wouldn't it? This is the onesie you should dress him in when he's having "one of those days," especially if you have to take him somewhere like a restaurant or department store. Ever notice people shooting you a dirty look when your little kid acts up in public? If he's wearing this Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit it may help to defuse the situation. Just point to his funny romper, shrug your shoulders and say, "I'm really sorry." Chances are you'll get a smile in return instead of a dirty look!


Patriotic Funny Cartoon Cheese Board

Patriotic Funny Cartoon Cheese Board
Patriotic Funny Cartoon Cheese Board features American cheese chanting, USA! USA! USA! as Gouda, Camembert and other European types sulk. Could be a real conversation starter and icebreaker at your next tasting party and makes a cool gift for the hostess or host of same. Perfect door prize, too! But wonderful for everyday use in your own kitchen, too, where it can be leaned against the wall on your kitchen counter to amuse kitchen helpers and anyone else who enters...sort of like a giant funny refrigerator magnet. Got an enthusiastic patriotic uncle or grandfather on your Christmas list, a veteran perhaps, who loves America? This Patriotic Funny Cartoon Cheese Board could be a big hit on December 25th!


Funny Bacon iPhone6 Case

Droolably Funny Bacon iPhone6 Case looks so good you can almost SMELL it! Highly stylized, it resembles a strip of everyone’s favorite crispy breakfast treat! Who’s a good candidate for one of these? How about anyone who works in a diner which caters to the breakfast crowd? Could be a waitress who likes to interact with customers beyond simply taking their orders. Wouldn’t this be a great little conversation starter? A short order cook would be another. And if you OWN the diner, how about personalizing by putting the name of your establishment right on the case? Great little promotional tool! But beyond these folks, wouldn’t this Funny Bacon iPhone6 Case appeal to just about anyone who simply loves the irresistible tantalizing aroma of bacon in the frying pan early in the morning?
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Funny Divorced Woman Shirt

Funny Divorced Woman Shirt
Funny Divorced Woman Shirt features a kangaroo couple on the outs. This is what to wear when you've separated yourself from an unpleasant situation with an immature man, whether he was your husband or your boyfriend. He's taken aback as she yells, "You don't want a WIFE! You want a MOTHER!" But it's the crazy humorous illustration that really makes this Funny Divorced Woman Shirt so outrageous. Wear it as you head out to your favorite club with your girlfriends to commisserate when your breakup is official. Good for a laugh, for sure! And it may even serve as an ice breaker if you spy a nice unattached guy at the next table.


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