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Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date

Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date
Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date features a cartoon bride and groom who invite the recipient to guess who's makin' it LEGAL! Humorous wedding announcement greeting card is perfect when both are attorneys, but also when either she or he, alone, is in the legal profession. Whether you're an attorney, judge, paralegal, even a law student or legal secretary; whether you're a current or former member of the profession or aspire to be one, here's the Funny Lawyer Wedding Save Date invite you've been looking for, especially if the two of you have been living together for some time! Family and friends are sure to get a kick out of the fact that you are finally making it LEGAL!


Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites

These offbeat Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites are very popular with UK brides-to-be as well as those in Australia and Ireland, for some reason. Quirky invite features a happy, if slightly bewildered couple of newlyweds who are eager for the honeymoon to begin and uses very mild double entendre. Lighthearted invitation conveys the fun to be had when invitees share in the happy occasion of your marriage ceremony. Text saying “We are DOIN’it!” means, of course, that you are getting MARRIED, but can have two different meanings–which is where the humor comes in. Card can easily be modified to become a save-the-date announcement if you prefer to keep your actual invitation in a somewhat more formal vein. But for pure fun, you can’t beat these Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites! Look for related products featuring this wacky couple back at my shop. For some reason, this particular invitation is especially popular with wedding planners in the UK, Ireland and Australia!
Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites

Most weddings don't come off without a few surprises. May all the surprises at your wedding be as joyous as the one encountered by this Irish couple.


Elegant Dancing Skeletons Wedding Invitations

Elegant Dancing Skeletons Wedding Invitations featuring a couple of dancing skeletons sexily gliding across the ballroom floor are very funny and out-of-the-ordinary and perfect for a Halloween wedding! But so are you out-out-of-the-ordinary, or you wouldn't be getting married on All Hallows Eve, would you? One great thing about getting married on this scariest day of the year is that neither of you is likely to forget your anniversary! Have you given any thought as to which famous couple you'll be dressing as? Anthony and Cleopatra? Liz and Dick? Or are you leaning more toward Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead? Or Ma and Pa Kettle? Design by Aquachild can easily be converted to a regular Halloween party invite by simply altering the text in the boxes you'll find on the product page. You can see lots more skeleton-themed products from this clever designer if you click on the image. Even if you're not into things spooky and macabre, these Elegant Dancing Skeletons Wedding Invitations might make you smile as they did me.


Funny Fiance Shirt For the Bachelor Party

Here’s a Funny Fiance Shirt For the Bachelor Party for your guy to wear when he heads off for his last fling before your wedding day. Each time he stops to admire himself in the restroom mirror, he’ll get the message: REMEMBER: YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Has he got a roving eye? Is he maybe a little too popular with the ladies? Hey, you can trust your boyfriend. But better to be safe than sorry. Dress him in this cute reminder he leaves for his last night out with the boys. He’ll laugh every time he sees this Funny Fiance Shirt! So will his friends! Funny Boyfriend Mirror Shirt For Fiance


Funny Homemade Wine Bottle Labels

Funny Homemade Wine Bottle Labels Humorous Wine Labels For Wedding
Unique Funny Homemade Wine Bottle Labels are what you need when you want the outside of your special creation to have as much personality as the inside! If you're into homewine, these personalized humorous wine bottle labels will add a special finishing touch to your little batch of liquid heaven. Whether you specialize in making your favorite red or something out of the ordinary like tomato or elderberry or dandelion wine, one of these custom funny homemade wine bottle labels will really dress it up, eapecially if you plan to give it as a prsent on Christmas or another special occasion. Speaking of special occasions, the wedding label, featuring the names of the bride and groom should put smiles on the faces of the guests, and a few bottles bearing this unique label will make a neat keepsake, to be opened on anniversaries, perhaps.
Homemade Tomato Wine Labels Humorous Halloween Wine Labels Funny Cheese Cartoon Personalized Wine Labels Homemade Dandelion Wine Labels


Cute Beach Save the Date Magnets

Cute Beach Save the Date Magnets Cute Goldfish Beach Save the Date Magnets
Cute Beach Save the Date Magnets feature a sweet happy little goldfish, blowing tiny hearts instead of bubbles. She is happy to announce your Big Day, whether beach, poolside or tropical destination wedding if you'll let her! Comes in two styles; sunny sandy beige or dramatic black. This cheerful little gal also appears on a variety of other wedding-related items, including paper invitations, table markers, RSVP cards, envelopes and more with many styles to choose from. These Cute Beach Save the Date Magnets set the tone for your celebration which promises a joyful time for all who attend!


Truly Cute Beach Wedding Invitation

Informal cute beach or poolside wedding invitation features a sweet little goldfish blowing hearts instead of bubbles who is eager to get to join you on your Big Day! If you’re ceremony is going to be a tad more formal, use this as a humorous save-the-date invite! Perfect for tropical destination weddings, too. See more cute invitations templates at my Zazzle shop. Cute Whimsical Wedding Save The Date Invitation


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