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Girls Soccer Team Party Invitations

Girls Soccer Team Party Invitations are perfect for pre-season pep rallies to help mold your team into a spirited cohesive unit, or a post season party to celebrate all the victories you notched and the trophies you've won. Of course, they also make natural soccer theme birthday party invites for anyone who's into girls' or womens' soccer. Maybe you plan to have friends over to watch important womens' matches or championship matches on TV. These Girls Soccer Team Party Invitations designed by Bella Katella work well for those occasions, too. Easily change the text using the Customize button.

Did you know that almost one third of American families contain at least one member who plays soccer? That's second only to baseball! Already back in 1996, 24 million Americans played the game, and that number is only increasing. And girls' soccer could soon explode in popularity, thanks to the the victory by the United States Women's National Soccer Team in the Championship 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, the televised final game of which drew a record 26.7 viewers! That's more than the last game of the 2014 World Series!


Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card

Funny Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card is designed for someone to give to his or her significant other when alcohol will be part of the commemoration whether that someone is a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s designed for anyone to give to anyone on any special anniversary on when alcohol will be drunk whether it’s the day you were married or the day you first met, even it that day was just last week! A bottle of, perhaps, Champagne is pictured on a nightstand along with two glasses next to a plush bed. If you’re after a slightly suggestive humorous card to commemorate the day you two first became a couple, this Funny Champagne Celebration Anniversary Card could be just the ticket! You can even modify the text on the product page to transform it into a birthday card, if you wish, simply by clicking the Customize button.<br/) Champagne


Funny Fathers Day Card Is Actually a Poster

Funny Fathers Day Card
Giant Funny Fathers Day Card is actually a poster big enough to be signed by the entire family…or one child who wants to show off! “Card” can be framed and on the wall of Dad’s den when the celebration is over where it will serve as a constant reminder of which of his kids loves him the most! If it’s to be given by the entire family, simply change “I” to “we.” You can adjust the size of this Funny Fathers Day Card up or down as you wish using the tab provided. If you choose extra large, sign your signature the same way; extra large! If there’s a drawback, it’s that you’ll have to make your own envelope!


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