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Humorous Organic Gardening Hat

Humorous Organic Gardening Hat
Humorous Organic Gardening Hat lets you promote your healthful hobby! Cute cap says, GO ORGANIC! with red ripe tomatoes taking the place of the "o's." Not just for gardeners, it's at home on the head of anyone who's into cooking with naturally-grown, pesticide-free foods, too! Heading out to your local healthfood store to stock up on fresh produce grown the old-fashioned way? Wear this witty headgear! Makes a neat conversation starter in the checkout line where it's sure to garner compliments from other health-minded individuals. Whether you're into growing your own organically-grown vegetables and fruits in your own garden, or just into shopping for healthy fare to prepare for your family, here's a cute cap for you to promote your favorite topic! Witty Organic Gardening Hat makes a perfect stocking-stuffer for a friend who's into organics, too!


Funny Italian Food Apron With Recipe

Funny Italian Food Apron With Recipe
Funny Italian Food Apron featuring an "authentic" recipe on the front, complete with ACCENT, is perfect for a Mama or Grandma who loves to cook AND laugh! Whether she's making lasagna, spaghetti, fusilli, ravioli, fettuccine, vermicelli, ziti, cannelloni, mostaccioli, penne, rigatoni, rotini, even pizza...if it comes with tomato sauce, she'll want to be wearing this when she prepares it! Text reads: "Favorite Italian Recipe: A littla bitsa garlic...Soma oliva oil...Soma tomate...A pincha 'regano...Soma cheese...Whateva U want!" Funny Italian Food Apron is perfect for Papa, too! If someone in your family is from the old country, you need one of these hanging in your cucina!


Funny Apron For Mom With A Tulip Garden

Funny apron for mom with a tulip garden features a sassy little yellow tulip mouthing off to mother. Talk about fresh flowers! Cute cartoon spotlighting the parent-child relationship is bound to put a smile on your Mother’s face. Does it sound familiar? Do you recognize anybody? I bet your Mom will. If she’s a gardener, and especially if her favorite bloom is tulips, so much the better! This funny apron for Mom is suitable for wearing in both the kitchen and the garden. Funny Apron For Mom With A Tulip Garden


Cute T Shirts For Women Who Love To Laugh

Cute T Shirts For Women Who Love To Laugh make great conversation starters and icebreakers whether you’re heading for a party–say, a bachelorette party–or to the supermarket! If you’re friendly and don’t mind striking up a conversation, even with strangers, one of these Cute T Shirts For Women should grease the wheels! There are silly ones, political ones, and even inspirational ones–inspirational with a touch of humor. Many feature humorous illustrations from the pen of internationally published cartoonist, SWISS, (that would be me), but a number of them feature text only. The cute t shirts for women make excellent lowpriced gifts and stocking stuffers for a wife, girlfriend, mom or daughter.
Cute T Shirts For Women


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