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Funny Caveman Apron For A Man

Is your guy a bit of a caveman; a real meatlover? Picture him in this Funny Caveman Apron For A Man, standing at his backyard grill, flipping burgers, grilling steaks or chicken breasts with the family gathered all around on a summertime holiday, or maybe just slow-cooking a beef brisket with his own secret BBQ sauce. If your husband or boyfriend is a dyed-in-the-wool meatatarian, this humorous apron featuring a cartoon depicting a hungry Neanderthal pushing his shopping cart down the meat aisle with an enormous package of TRICERACHOPS will put a smile on the faces of all the guests at the big familiy reunion or 4th of July cookout! Funny Caveman Apron For A Man comes in three colors, white, yellow and brown and three sizes, Standard, Long and a Kids size for all Dad's little helpers. This design is also available on a variety of other products, only at Funny Gifts From Swisstoons.


Funny Gel Mousepad Looks Like Bald Man with Beard

Unique Funny Gel Mousepad looks like a bald man with a beard. Let him keep a watchful eye on your loved ones as they cruise the internet! Who’s on the computer? Your husband? Your wife? Kids? How long’s it been since he, she or they signed on tonight? Didja know the average American adult spends 8 1/2 hours a day staring into that monitor or mobile device? Believe it or not, the most addicted age group is the bunch between ages 35 and 44! Is your spouse in that group? don’t you wish you could hire someone to keep an eye on him or her when they sign on? Well, here’s someone who’ll do it for free…or practically free, anyway! This funny gel mousepad will keep a watchful eye on your favorite internet denizen 24-7! He never sleeps!
Funny gel mousepad featuring an ever-watchful spy…a mysterious bald man with a beard…makes a funny stocking-stuffer at Christmas. Funny Gel Mousepad Looks Like Bald Man with Beard


Funny Pizza Neck Tie

Funny Pizza Neck Tie
Funny Pizza Neck Tie is the perfect accessory for pizzeria delivery men or anyone who loves ordering this popular italian treat at restaurants. Is that a little tomato sauce on your necktie? Hey, it's a whole lotta sauce on your tie! Heading out to your favorite Italian restaurant tonight with your husband or boyfriend? Make sure he's wearing this funny fashion accessory and no one will notice when he slops a little down his front! Cute gift for any Italian guy who loves his Italian cuisine! If you own a pizzeria, get a novelty Funny Pizza Neck Tie for each of your delivery men and maybe even the guys in the back making pies!


Funny Fiance Shirt For the Bachelor Party

Here’s a Funny Fiance Shirt For the Bachelor Party for your guy to wear when he heads off for his last fling before your wedding day. Each time he stops to admire himself in the restroom mirror, he’ll get the message: REMEMBER: YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Has he got a roving eye? Is he maybe a little too popular with the ladies? Hey, you can trust your boyfriend. But better to be safe than sorry. Dress him in this cute reminder he leaves for his last night out with the boys. He’ll laugh every time he sees this Funny Fiance Shirt! So will his friends! Funny Boyfriend Mirror Shirt For Fiance


Funny Old Guy T Shirt

Funny Old Guy T Shirt
Funny Old Guy T Shirt is especially for a man turning 50, but any milestone birthday will do! It says, in large red letters, YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN! Perfect for an old codger or geezer of ANY age, especially one who keeps a neatly manicured lawn, is very territorial about it and hates it when people tramp across his greenery! Of course, no lawn is required for this novelty birthday present to garner a few laughs at the party. Have the guest of honor put this Funny Old Guy T Shirt on before he blows out the many candles on his cake to get some great photos!


Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer

Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer
Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer is perfect for someone celebrating 50 years on the planet; the BIG FIVE O! But you can Easily change the number to accommodate someone turning 60, 70--even 40 or 30. Being an oldtimer is more a frame of mind than an actual age. It says, "it's OFFICIAL! I'm a GEEZER!" with the age of the guest of honor in large numbers. Simply enter his or her age in the slot provided on the product page. Make sure he or she (there's one for women, too) unwraps this Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer first so it will appear in all those candid snapshot which will go into his or her bday scrapbook.


Funny Italian Food Apron With Recipe

Funny Italian Food Apron With Recipe
Funny Italian Food Apron featuring an "authentic" recipe on the front, complete with ACCENT, is perfect for a Mama or Grandma who loves to cook AND laugh! Whether she's making lasagna, spaghetti, fusilli, ravioli, fettuccine, vermicelli, ziti, cannelloni, mostaccioli, penne, rigatoni, rotini, even pizza...if it comes with tomato sauce, she'll want to be wearing this when she prepares it! Text reads: "Favorite Italian Recipe: A littla bitsa garlic...Soma oliva oil...Soma tomate...A pincha 'regano...Soma cheese...Whateva U want!" Funny Italian Food Apron is perfect for Papa, too! If someone in your family is from the old country, you need one of these hanging in your cucina!


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