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Funny Divorced Woman Shirt

Funny Divorced Woman Shirt
Funny Divorced Woman Shirt features a kangaroo couple on the outs. This is what to wear when you've separated yourself from an unpleasant situation with an immature man, whether he was your husband or your boyfriend. He's taken aback as she yells, "You don't want a WIFE! You want a MOTHER!" But it's the crazy humorous illustration that really makes this Funny Divorced Woman Shirt so outrageous. Wear it as you head out to your favorite club with your girlfriends to commisserate when your breakup is official. Good for a laugh, for sure! And it may even serve as an ice breaker if you spy a nice unattached guy at the next table.


Funny Kangaroo Coffee Mug For Aussies or Divorcees

NOT just for Australians or kangaroo lovers, this hilarious Funny Kangaroo Coffee Mug For Aussies or Divorcees depicts a mama’s boy of a roo with a real case of Peter Pan Syndrome and makes a cute gift for a recent divorcee who needs something to laugh about. Heading out to a bar to commisserate with a recently divorced girlfriend? Keep this cute funny marsupial mug in your purse for when she starts to tear up! Could be just what she needs to bring a smile to her face! Splitsville is never fun, but maybe this funny kangaroo coffee mug will lighten her mood! Funny Kangaroo Coffee Mug For Aussies or Divorcees


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