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Funny Port Wine Button Makes A Cute Bon Voyage Gift

This cartoon magnet makes a funny little stocking stuffer for a Port wine lover. And it’s the perfect cute Bon Voyage gift for anyone embarking on an ocean cruise. Of course, it would make an ideal party favor at any Port wine tasting party, too.


Cute Inspirational Motivational Buttons For Elementary Teachers

These cute inspirational buttons make terrific prizes for spelling bees or book reading contests. They’re also great for handing out to the entire class at the end of the year for a job well done. Every elementary school teacher or librarian should have a drawer full of these handy. Surprise the grade school teacher on your shopping list with a bunch of these on Christmas or her birthday.


Break The Ice With Funny Buttons

Want to break the ice, but you don’t know quite what to say? Funny buttons make terrific conversation starters and ice breakers. Wear a different one to work every day and watch your popularity rise as coworkers stop you in the hall to check out the latest installment. Ditto when you wear one to school. Wear your whole collection at once and be a walking comic strip! But don’t limit them to interacting with strangers. They make terrific “little” gifts or stocking stuffers for everyone in your family or to thank someone who’s done you a favor. They’re also very collectible and collecting them would make a wonderfully wholesome (and perhaps, one day, even lucrative?) hobby for children. How about one for Mom on Mothers Day? Don’t wait another minute. Kick off your social life the easy way. Break the ice with these funny buttons!
Break The Ice With Funny Buttons


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