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2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Humorous

Humorous 2nd birthday party ideas for girls you’ll see when you click the image below include a funny personalized party invitation with baby daughter’s name in pink. Her age is shown in a particularly clever funny way with an oversized pink numeral 2 and punchline in smaller text. Invite says, (baby’s name) is 2 cute for words! You’ll also see a pink cake topper and a birthday shirt for the little guest of honor to wear on her Big Day bearing the same message. Rounding out this matched series is a baby girl memory book photo album binder with her name and featuring pink suns and moons representing the days and nights of her second year. You can seen all of these humorous 2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Humorous by clicking on the invitation shown here. 2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Girls


Funny Senior Citizen Hat for Someone with Grey Hair

Funny Senior Citizen Hat for Someone with Grey Hair lets you poke a little fun at the guest of honor at the next Milestone birthday party you attend. Novelty cap features a cartoon gray rabbit and the punchline, “Everyone finds a grey hare on their head sooner or later!” Live long enough and you’re sure to get a few–hairs, not bunnies! Did you know that grey hair isn’t actually the color you think. It merely looks that way because some of the strands have turned transparent by losing melanin which is normally produced by cells in the hair follicles called melanocytes. Although some health problems can cause melanocytes to stop producing pigment, it is also a normal part of aging. Didja know that after age 30, your chances of going gray increase by 10-20% every decade?

Have you “gone grey?” Is the special lady in your life a silver fox? This funny senior citizen hat makes a great gag gift on a birthday for a wife or girlfriend who’s noticed a few strands of silver. By changing the font color from pink to blue, it’s easily converted to a gift for a husband or boyfriend who’s in the same boat. It even makes a neat joke gift at a retirement party for the guest of honor! Funny Senior Citizen Hat for Someone with Grey Hair


Cute Superhero Party Invitations For Kids

Cute Superhero Party Invitations For Kids <a href=" Superhero Girl Invitation
Cute Superhero Party Invitations for Kids are IN. Decades ago, childrens birthday parties consisted mainly of a cake, maybe some balloons and streamers, some noismakers, and pintsized guests dressed in blue jeans or, for fancier parties, maybe slacks and bow ties for the boys and pinafores for the girls. Nowadays, though, one can expect a child's celebration to have a theme--superhero, cowboy, ballet dancer, or pirate, for instance--with kids even dressing in costume! Set the mood for your son's or daughter's celebration with one of these cute Superhero Party Invitations for Kids by Bella Katella!
Little Cowboys Custom Invitations Luau Party Custom Invitation


Funny Old Guy T Shirt

Funny Old Guy T Shirt
Funny Old Guy T Shirt is especially for a man turning 50, but any milestone birthday will do! It says, in large red letters, YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN! Perfect for an old codger or geezer of ANY age, especially one who keeps a neatly manicured lawn, is very territorial about it and hates it when people tramp across his greenery! Of course, no lawn is required for this novelty birthday present to garner a few laughs at the party. Have the guest of honor put this Funny Old Guy T Shirt on before he blows out the many candles on his cake to get some great photos!


Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer

Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer
Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer is perfect for someone celebrating 50 years on the planet; the BIG FIVE O! But you can Easily change the number to accommodate someone turning 60, 70--even 40 or 30. Being an oldtimer is more a frame of mind than an actual age. It says, "it's OFFICIAL! I'm a GEEZER!" with the age of the guest of honor in large numbers. Simply enter his or her age in the slot provided on the product page. Make sure he or she (there's one for women, too) unwraps this Funny Milestone Birthday Shirt For An Old Geezer first so it will appear in all those candid snapshot which will go into his or her bday scrapbook.


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