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Fun Small Dog Bed Looks Like Bacon


Fun Small Dog Bed Looks Like Bacon

Cute Fun Small Dog Bed looks like bacon strip with alternating rippled stripes of varying shades of brown. Your furbaby will enjoy her own personal sleeping cushion with the washable cover which resembles a stylized version of her favorite flavor treat. Bed measures 20 x 30 inches, making it just the right size for toy and miniature breeds which are very popular with apartment dwellers. If your little Chihuahua, Pekingese, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Pug, Miniature Schnauzer, Jack Russell Terrier or similarly tiny lapdog loves his or her treats, He or she will love this humorous fun small dog bed which looks like BACON! As a gift, it should elicit smiles from the family member or friend who dotes on his or her fur baby as well as howls of approval from the canine recipient.

Speaking of dogs who love bacon….


Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit

Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit by Bits of Whimsy features the cutest little red cartoon crab you've ever seen. This is the perfect creeper for an infant who can be very fussy sometimes--which would include just about all of them, wouldn't it? This is the onesie you should dress him in when he's having "one of those days," especially if you have to take him somewhere like a restaurant or department store. Ever notice people shooting you a dirty look when your little kid acts up in public? If he's wearing this Cute Crabby Baby Bodysuit it may help to defuse the situation. Just point to his funny romper, shrug your shoulders and say, "I'm really sorry." Chances are you'll get a smile in return instead of a dirty look!


Funny Horse Travel Mug Kicks Up Dust

Funny Horse Travel Mug Kicks Up Dust
Funny Horse Travel Mug features a goofy galloping white stallion singing a tune familiar to Lone Ranger fans, kicking up little clouds of dust as he goes. On the reverse side is the simple exclamation, HIYO! If you're shopping for a horseman or horsewoman or any who loves and admires this magnificent animal, this funny horse travel mug should be a hit, especially if that person spends a lot of time on the road kicking up little clouds of dust or his or her own. Perfect for owners of the storied muscle car, the Ford Mustang, of course. But also great for RVers and retirees who love to get up and go!


Red Ants Mug For A Gardener

Red Ants Mug For A Gardener is designed for someone who loves to spend time nurturing her flowers and vegetables, but hates having to share her backyard hobby with these nasty little guys. At least the ones on this attractive funny mug won’t bite! Although intended for gardeners, wouldn’t this also be perfect for an exterminator? If you’re neither, and are simply looking for an interesting vessel for your favorite beverage, this Red Ants Mug should get a few double-takes from anyone who stops by to share a cup of morning java with you because at first glance, these stylized cartoon insects look like the real thing! Take it to the office and see how coworkers wag their fingers at your Red Ants Mug For A Gardener with a look of alarm on their respective faces. If you’re looking for fun gardening gifts, look no further! Red Ants Mug


Playful Black Cat Tshirt by Keiko Wada of Osaka

Playful Black Cat Tshirt by Keiko Wada of Osaka
You'll LOVE this Playful Black Cat Tshirt by Keiko Wada featuring a crouching ebony feline ready to pounce. Keiko, aka BATKEI, from Osaka, Japan, is one of the premiere humorous illustrators on Zazzle specializing in whimsical designs for ailurophiles. Her handsome black cat, Whim, is the subject of many of her beautiful designs known for their use of cheerful and bold colors. While this particular shirt also features a huge stylized heart and the words, "I Love You," it's use as a present would not be limited to Valentines Day. It's perfect for Christmas giving or birthdays, too, not to mention Mothers Day. In fact, any day of the year you want to put a big smile on the face of a pussycat lover, surprise her with this delightful shirt. You won't be disappointed and neither will the recipient. You don't have to be a crazy cat lady to appreciate Keiko's work and feel the care and love she puts into each and every design, many of which feature Japanese caligraphy which only adds to the artistry and appeal. Heading to the pet store for supplies? This Playful Black Cat Tshirt makes a perfect icebreaker and conversation starter in the checkout line as other ailurophiles are bound to notice and sure to comment!


Funny TV Watcher Pillow

Funny TV Watcher Pillow
If your family members love to hog the remote, this Funny TV Watcher Pillow is what you need to throw at those fellow couch potatoes when they start channel surfing through the nightly offerings! Funny pillow features a cute pink cartoon pig snout and warns 'em that they're not the only TV spuds in the room! Perfect for parents who are forever fighting over who controls the evening's TV viewing, this humorous TV watcher gift is for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the boob tube. Are your kids always socking each other and trying to wrestle the remote out of each others hands? Here's a more--uh--subtle method. In no time at all, merely reaching for this cute pillow with the pig snout will cause the offender to relinquish control of the coveted gizmo. That's the theory, anyway! Soon, you'll forget all about controlling the night's viewing; you'll be too busy fighting over the Funny TV Watcher Pillow!


Funny Kangaroo Coffee Mug For Aussies or Divorcees

NOT just for Australians or kangaroo lovers, this hilarious Funny Kangaroo Coffee Mug For Aussies or Divorcees depicts a mama’s boy of a roo with a real case of Peter Pan Syndrome and makes a cute gift for a recent divorcee who needs something to laugh about. Heading out to a bar to commisserate with a recently divorced girlfriend? Keep this cute funny marsupial mug in your purse for when she starts to tear up! Could be just what she needs to bring a smile to her face! Splitsville is never fun, but maybe this funny kangaroo coffee mug will lighten her mood! Funny Kangaroo Coffee Mug For Aussies or Divorcees


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