Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites

These offbeat Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites are very popular with UK brides-to-be as well as those in Australia and Ireland, for some reason. Quirky invite features a happy, if slightly bewildered couple of newlyweds who are eager for the honeymoon to begin and uses very mild double entendre. Lighthearted invitation conveys the fun to be had when invitees share in the happy occasion of your marriage ceremony. Text saying “We are DOIN’it!” means, of course, that you are getting MARRIED, but can have two different meanings–which is where the humor comes in. Card can easily be modified to become a save-the-date announcement if you prefer to keep your actual invitation in a somewhat more formal vein. But for pure fun, you can’t beat these Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites! Look for related products featuring this wacky couple back at my shop. For some reason, this particular invitation is especially popular with wedding planners in the UK, Ireland and Australia!
Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Invites

Most weddings don't come off without a few surprises. May all the surprises at your wedding be as joyous as the one encountered by this Irish couple.


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