Playful Black Cat Tshirt by Keiko Wada of Osaka

Playful Black Cat Tshirt by Keiko Wada of Osaka
You'll LOVE this Playful Black Cat Tshirt by Keiko Wada featuring a crouching ebony feline ready to pounce. Keiko, aka BATKEI, from Osaka, Japan, is one of the premiere humorous illustrators on Zazzle specializing in whimsical designs for ailurophiles. Her handsome black cat, Whim, is the subject of many of her beautiful designs known for their use of cheerful and bold colors. While this particular shirt also features a huge stylized heart and the words, "I Love You," it's use as a present would not be limited to Valentines Day. It's perfect for Christmas giving or birthdays, too, not to mention Mothers Day. In fact, any day of the year you want to put a big smile on the face of a pussycat lover, surprise her with this delightful shirt. You won't be disappointed and neither will the recipient. You don't have to be a crazy cat lady to appreciate Keiko's work and feel the care and love she puts into each and every design, many of which feature Japanese caligraphy which only adds to the artistry and appeal. Heading to the pet store for supplies? This Playful Black Cat Tshirt makes a perfect icebreaker and conversation starter in the checkout line as other ailurophiles are bound to notice and sure to comment!


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