Funny Chocolate Lover T Shirt For Baby

Funny Chocolate Lover T Shirt For Baby, is for the precocious child who knows a good thing when she tastes it, even for the first time. Chocolate has an ancient history. It comes from the fermented Cacao bean. Why did the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican peoples who cultivated Cacao for millenia do so if they were just going to grind it up and mix it with hot peppers and water and no sugar? In there language, it was called “bitter water.” Well, one reason might’ve been several alkoloids it contains which raise the level of serotonin in our brains which, in turn, make us HAPPY!
But most modern humans probably love chocolate primarily because it TASTES so darn good…especially after Europeans came up with the idea of adding SUGAR three hundred years ago! And milk! “Addiction” to the sweet delicious treat can start very early. Ever know a baby to turn up her nose at Chocolate? Of course not! Chocoholics start young! Has your baby already developed a predilection? Wouldn’t Christmas be a great time to treat her some creamy milk chocolate? And here’s the perfect Funny Chocolate Lover T Shirt for her to wear when you do! Chocolate Lover T Shirt For Baby


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