Humorous Teacher Book Bag

Humorous Teacher Book Bag features a cute little stick figure with her name scrawled beneath. Figure is the type kids have been drawing on blackboards for ages whenever teacher’s out of the room. Easily personalize by entering her name in the slot provided on the product page.

Some folks think elementary school teachers have it easy, working 7-hour days only 9 months a year. But how much additional time do they typically put in after class? A study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation found that teachers on average spend 10 hours and 40 minutes a day working, including about an hour and a half after-class time at school (mentoring, collaborating with peers, attending staff meeting, etc) and another hour and a half at home grading papers and planning classroom activities. That comes to a hefty 53-hour work week!

Is your work week above or below the average? How much work do you lug home each night? Wouldn’t a large tote come in handy? Roomy bag makes a great teacher gift for each member of the faculty at Christmas, on Appreciation Day or on the last day of the school year, and they’re cheaper when purchased in bulk. Extra sturdy Humorous Teacher Book Bag you see here is for extra hardworking souls who take home tons of books night after night. Bag comes in a variety of different colors and sizes. Just enter faculty member’s in the slot provided. Look for special deals for teachers (using checkout codes) right on the product page!

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