Vanilla Ice Cream Cone iPad Case

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone iPad Case
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone iPad Case featuring a stylized depiction of that cool refreshing treat on a lavender background is especially apt during summertime! Just look at it and you'll feel 10 degrees cooler. You may be tempted to lick it, but don't; at least, not when anyone is looking. A Rasmussen poll found that of all the dozens (100's?) of exotic ice cream flavors available today, 23% of American buyers, still prefer "plain" creamy white vanilla! A little history: Although the ice cream cone was first mentioned in an 1825 French cookbook, there are several claims as to who invented the modern day version, with two of most believable involving the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. Both Abe Doumar and Charles Menches claimed to have been the guy who first had the sweet idea of folding a warm breakfast waffle into a cone and plopping into it a scoop of cold creamy goodness. Whoever invented it, aren't you glad he did? Know someone who can't get enough of this kind of cool summertime treat; a genuine fanatic? This Vanilla Ice Cream Cone iPad Case could hit the spot! Perfect for anyone whose work involves this ever popular dairy product!


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